What is Feel Good Giving?

Welcome to the ENF’s Feel Good Giving Gift Shop of symbolic gifts! These items are representative of our programs and the people the ENF serves, showcasing ways the Foundation helps Elks build stronger communities. With the purchase of a symbolic gift, your generosity will reach the lives of youth, veterans, and Elks’ communities across the country. Symbolic gifts reflect the kind of difference your donation can make for ENF program participants and recipients. Your donation will be used to support all ENF-funded Elks programs.

Each gift purchased comes with the option to send an e-card to let someone know they’ve inspired you to donate to the Elks National Foundation! If you wish to give the symbolic item as a gift but you don’t have the recipient’s email address, you can send the e-card to yourself and print it out. If you are an Elk, you and your Lodge will receive credit for your gift.

How It Works

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Every community has needs. Help Lodges meet them.|CIP
Help a veteran stay or become housed.|Veterans
Be a force multiplier.|CIP
Feed hundreds of veterans experiencing poverty by supporting a Stand Down.|Veterans
Taking flight to the Championship.|HoopShoot
Help a veteran exiting homelessness turn their house into a home.|Veterans
Help an Elks scholar rest easy. Cover a week.|Scholarships
Support a scholar serving in the name of the Elks.|Scholarships
Support the Elks' mighty army for the service of mankind.|CIP
Get in on the fun by helping a family make memories!|HoopShoot
Give Elk volunteers supplies to assist a State Veterans Home for one month.|Veterans
Give the gift of knowledge.|Scholarships
No one can thrive on an empty stomach.|CIP
The grit to get this far, and the prize to prove it.|HoopShoot
Let them know you care #ElksFamily.|Scholarships
A piece of history to share.|HoopShoot